Promotional Products


Super Charge Your Brand

Signature can add your company’s logo to a wide range of items. Create a beautiful and exciting Tee, Polo, Jacket, Gym Bag, Hat or much, much more.  Signature’s branded apparel will be something your customers and potential new customers will enjoy wearing exposing your logo over and over. The ROI on branded apparel is huge.  You will create walking brand exposure that keeps giving back.


Powerful branded give away gifts

Cups, pens, note books, water bottles and so much more.  Make sure that any event or sales call maybe even a Direct Mail campaign put a useful branded item in the hands of client, customers and prospects.  It will be used daily reinforcing your company’s brand.


View Signature’s Promotional Catalog

Take a few minutes and look over Signature’s catalog full of promotional items.  Imagine all the ways you can put your company’s logo into action. Think of all the events and campaigns that would give you an opportunity to turn your logo into a daily item people will enjoy and use.

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