Case Study: Increase Your Enrollment and Retention

How to Use Data to Drive Enrollment
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Case Study: Increase Your Enrollment and Retention for Higher Education Institutions

Various Higher Education Institutions
Industry: Education
Services Provided: Marketing and Printing Communications

Client Profile:
We at Signature Printing have built a team of professionals who understand the needs of schools’ development, admissions, and fundraising departments. We have successfully assisted prep schools, high schools, and Ivy League universities in running successful campaigns. Jeff Moitoso, our COO, leads the team with a deep understanding of educational institutions’ needs.

Higher education institutions often face challenges in admissions, alumni relations, and development. These challenges include creating impactful, personalized messages that resonate with prospective students, alumni, and donors. Additionally, institutions need to manage and utilize their databases effectively to maximize their outreach efforts.

At Signature Printing, our experienced professionals, like Steve Cronin, address these challenges by providing tailored marketing and communication solutions. We help institutions by:

Producing both static and variable information-based campaigns.

Accumulating and managing databases to create personalized messages for each recipient.

Working closely with the US Postal Service to find cost-saving opportunities in production and postage.

Key Results:

  1. Targeted Campaigns: By leveraging variable information based on comprehensive databases, we created personalized messages that significantly improved engagement rates. This approach was particularly effective for institutions like UMass Dartmouth, Babson University, LaSalle Academy, and Baruch College.
  2. Cost Savings: Our collaboration with the US Postal Service enabled substantial savings in postage costs. For instance, one client saved nearly $30,000 over a five-month campaign period.
  3. Enhanced Outreach: Our team helped clients achieve higher response rates for various objectives, including admissions, alumni donations, and event participation. This was achieved by maximizing the effectiveness of the information provided by clients and creating highly responsive marketing materials.

Our expertise in working with educational institutions highlights our ability to increase enrollment and retention through effective marketing and communication strategies. By providing personalized messaging, cost-saving solutions, and a dedicated team of professionals, we have become a trusted partner for many higher education institutions.


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